Clean Slate California

For improved opportunities in employment, Breining Kistner LLP can help you expunge your California criminal record.

We can help you by:
•    Obtaining a copy of your California criminal record.
•    Determining if you are eligible to clear up your criminal convictions.
•    Preparing all documents to be filed with the Court so that the Court can order the expungement of your record.


2 steps


If you believe you may be eligible for criminal record expungement, or if you are not sure and would like to have an attorney review your record, complete and submit the Request for Criminal Record Check form to the law offices of Breining Kistner LLP to find out what is on your criminal record in California. Breining Kistner will conduct a criminal record search, will review the results of the search, and will provide you with a written report describing which records may be eligible for expungement.
Cost = $49



After you have received the report, complete the Intake Form (which we will send you with the report), and Breining Kistner will prepare the necessary documents to be filed with the appropriate Courts, requesting expungement of your criminal records.


The Cost

The cost to expunge a criminal record in California varies, depending upon the type of offense, whether it involves a felony or misdemeanor conviction, whether it requires a court appearance by an attorney, the various County court fees (depending upon where the person was convicted), and the procedures required by the various counties regarding notices to the local District Attorney and/or probation department.

An initial record check can be requested from Breining Kistner for $49, or a Department of Justice (DoJ) record check can be requested through a licensed LiveScan facility (which typically costs from $25 to $35). The official conviction docket or record will also need to be obtained from the court where the conviction occurred, and the cost to obtain this official record varies, according to the particular court.

Once the official record has been obtained, an example of the cost to expunge a single misdemeanor is $199 for Breining Kistner to prepare the necessary documents to be filed with the applicable county, plus the Court filing fee (which can be from $0 to $150, per State law).

Expungement of eligible felony records may require they first be reduced to misdemeanors and court appearances to accomplish expungement may be necessary, both of which will affect the fee. If such additional steps are necessary, Breining Kistner attorneys will advise you of the fees and costs for these additional services after they have reviewed the criminal record background check results.


OPTION: If you already have a LiveScan report

If you already have a current LiveScan report from the Department of Justice, which includes the conviction(s) that you want expunged, you may submit that to us instead of paying $49 for the Breining Kistner record check. To use this option:
•    Complete and submit the online Request for Criminal Record Check form, available by selecting the “Request a Record Check” button, above.
•    After you select the Submit button on that page, you will be directed to a PayPal payment page. Close this page without completing the “Clean Slate RECORD CHECK” payment information.
•    Send us a copy of your LiveScan report to this email address:
•    PLEASE NOTE: We will not commence the review of your LiveScan report unless we have received a completed “Request for Criminal Record Check” form, which includes your request and authorization for Breining Kistner LLP to conduct a criminal record check.


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